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FALL 2009

Macks Inn Cabin Projects



1)      Re-finish wood cabinets in small bathroom under the stairs.

2)      Landing outside back door: lift up low corner, dig around cement block, lift, fill with smalls rocks and re-seat wooden post.

3)      Mark keys individually with plastic key markers (there are some markers and instructions in the key basket).

4)      Re-attach metal strip on bunkhouse screen door which is coming loose.

5)    Re-attach metal strip on cottage screen door.



1)      Install more shelves in laundry room.

2)      Figure out existing sprinkler pipes Ė do they work, where to use them, where to store them (They cannot be buried). Figure out how much lawn and where to put more if needed.

3)      Make a written inventory of any of the following (along with suggestions for use)

a.       Shed 1

b.      Shed 2

c.       Garage

d.      Bunkhouse

e.       Honeymoon suite

f.        Puzzles & Games

g.       Books

h.       Videos & DVDís

i.         Vacuums and mops

j.        Dishes, Cups, Silverware, Pots, Pans & Kitchen Supplies

k.      Blankets, pillows, sheets

l.         Tools

4)      Label shelves where things are to be kept. A place for everything and everything in its place. Find places to store (and label) sheets, pillows etc. in each of the 5 sleeping areas.

5)      Re-do pots and planter areas around cabin. Trimming, taking out or putting in new plants, shrubs, flowers, etc.

6)      Clean up designated areas of property. We will divide the lots into smaller cleaning areas once we determine how we are going to use the new lot.

7)      Level out an area by the fire pit and move the heavy concrete slabs from the porch there to be used for chairs or wheelchairs.



1)      Re-paint outsides of buildings.

2)      Fix area of roof and gutters that need repair.

3)      Repair and paint walkway between Bunk house and Honeymoon suite.