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Fall 2009

To the children and grandchildren of Delbert V. and Jennie H. Groberg,

             Delbert and Jennie set up a trust fund to be used for family history and maintaining the family Cabin in Island Park for at least 10 years following their passing. John, Richard and Joseph were appointed trustees to see that Delbert and Jennieís wishes were carried out.

            Delbert and Jennie had 3 great loves: Family, Gospel and Country. They hoped the cabin would help their descendants feel like they felt towards these three values. As trustees our desire is to fulfill their wishes. Since Delbert passed away in December 2004, this letter will summarize the first five years and announce some new changes for the coming years.

            We are happy to report that over the last years, members of all 11 sibling families have had the opportunity to enjoy the cabin. We realize that some live closer than others, but the cabin is where it is and Delbert and Jennie were aware of each family and how they were spreading throughout the world, but Island Park was still their choice. Delbert especially felt close to family there.



             For those who have been to the cabin this year you have seen the changes. For those who havenít, we did a major remodeling to make the space more useable. Many have commented positively on this change and we hope that all of you will enjoy and appreciate the updates and all the work and thought that went into them. There have been changes to the property as well.

            For years we have wanted to purchase the adjacent acre lot east of the cabin. With the recent economic downturn, this lot came up for sale at a reasonable price and we purchased it. There is currently a very old trailer home on the property that we will need to have hauled away, as it is not worth fixing. We will use the land for other purposes such as: volleyball, softball, tents, or an RV hookup. If you have additional ideas, we would appreciate hearing them.

            As the family continues to expand and the demand for the cabin increases many have expressed frustration on not being able to book the cabin. In order to have a more equal chance for all families to use the cabin, especially during the peak seasons, we have made the following policy changes.

1)      We will allocate rotating 4 day periods to each of the families, with 1 extra period for the larger families during the most used times: Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and Memorial Day to Labor Day. For 2010 there were already three reservations made before we started this process, which we felt we should honor. This will slightly modify the rotation for 2010.

2)      The maximum time per stay is now 4 days. Example: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday would mean checking in between 12 and 2 on Monday and checking out between 12 and 2 on Friday. Of course you can make other mutually agreeable arrangements with the families coming before or after you.

3)      We ask that each of the 11 sibling families designate 1 person who will be authorized to e-mail DeAnn at the office ( for all decisions regarding their whole familyís use of the cabin. The designated persons name and contact information should be given to DeAnn as soon as possible but no later than December 1, 2009.

4)      The rotation schedule is posted on the dvgroberg website in the calendar section. Once days are officially booked, they will also be added to the online calendar.

5)      You will have until April 1st of each year to decide if any of your family wishes to use the dates allotted to them that year.

6)      Trading days with other families is fine, but must be done through the designated family contacts.

7)      After April 1st of each year, dates not scheduled will be open to any of the families (still 4 day maximum).

8)      In order to be reserved the designated family member must email DeAnn with the names and dates. These reservations will only become firm when DeAnn receives the appropriate funds. We have established the following use fee schedule based on up to 10 people staying at the cabin (If there are over 10 people, add $5 per day).

a.       1 day                $15

b.      2 days              $30

c.       3 days              $45

d.      4 days              $60

Presently, for these fees, the trust will furnish the following: Utilities, road snow removal, cleaning supplies, laundry soap, toilet paper, towels, bedding, dishes, pans, silverware, etc. If you see that any of these are low, let DeAnn know.

9)      Several family members are allergic to dogs and cats (also some of the furniture has been greatly damaged by pets), so we re-emphasize the policy of no pets at the cabin.

10)  As the demand for the cabin exceeds the availability, we re-emphasize that only descendants, (or their spouses) of Delbert and Jennie can book and use the cabin. As family members you are free to invite others on your designated times, but only if you are there with them for the entire time.

11)  No one is to leave anything at the cabin or take anything from the cabin without prior approval from the trustees (contact with them will be through DeAnn).

We realize that we go to the cabin primarily for relaxation and vacation. We also know that we value more that which we put some of ourselves into. In an effort to meet Delbert and Jennieís desires we ask for more family involvement to create a feeling of unity and appreciation. Tom Groberg, Viki and Greg Bailey and others have voluntarily spent many hours over the years keeping the cabin up. We hope you will feel good about participating in doing some of the tasks that need to be done to keep the cabin in good shape.

Items such as major repairs, repainting, re-modeling, winterizing, taxes, utilities, etc. will be taken care of by the trust. However we ask that each family look at the list of projects that need to be done and chose one or two they could accomplish while at the cabin. When you decide, please notify DeAnn at the office so we wonít have overlaps. The list of projects will be updated and posted by DeAnn as projects are accomplished or new ones added. If you have suggestions for additional projects, please email DeAnn. If the trustees approve, they will be added to the list.

      Donít hesitate to contact the trustees through DeAnn with any suggestions or thoughts you may have on how to accomplish Delbert and Jennies goals. We want everyone to feel a part of the cabin and the family history represented there.


Your Trustees

John H. Groberg, Richard H. Groberg, Joseph H. Groberg